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now in place in town to protect the exhibits of St. Joseph. This is a private, donation-based project, a possibility I found thanks to my friend, Austin attorney, Jeff Brasher. He introduced me to the work of Operation Blessing and its founder, Todd Gray, who has been in Zambia for a decade. Operation Blessing is a ministry of Central Bible Church of Fort Worth, a sister church to St. Joseph. I met Todd Gray in 2011 and he has been in Zambia since 2005. Gray has developed “St. Joseph’s Village,” an evangelical Christian ministry with a Christian school, a daycare center and three churches. Gray and his team build a new church every year. The area in Kansan was once the town of St. Joseph. Gray moved the village in order to build a bigger church in 2009. “To be honest, the goal is not to take over the area,” Gray said. “We’re here to build churches.” The church-building tradition is rooted in the Benedictine Rule and in the Decree of the Council of Trent, which both call for monasteries to build churches for the salvation of the souls of the faithful. The order of the Benedictine is different than the Dominican order. According to Gray, it is the goal of his organization to help the people of St. Joseph and to bless the area. He has always wanted to plant a church in the area, and in 2005 he moved his project there. The church building, The Church of St. Joseph, is in the traditional style of the East Coast. The interior design is rich, with murals, stained glass, artwork, wood and tapestries. The atmosphere is peaceful and welcoming. One remarkable detail of the interior is that it is all on the first floor. There is no attic or basement. The upstairs is devoted to prayer and communal living, while the downstairs is where the parishioners go to receive the sacraments, including baptism and confirmation. The small chapel, which the parishioners call “Our Lady’s house,” is so small that only one person can fit inside at a time. The church is small, only about 80-square-feet. But the design is very simple. “We’ve had a lot of different architects who have told us we need to have a bigger




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Astro 25 Portable Depot
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