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Cycling is not just a big business, it's life changing...

As an avid cyclist, riding my bike along Beach Road (Melbourne) with my close mates has been a morning ritual before a 7am coffee and a busy day in my Collins Street office. In May 2015 I experienced a cyclists worst nightmare. My mate and I were hit from behind without warning, at 65kph, by a driver not watching the road. The driver was charged and recently found guilty of ‘careless’ driving and subsequently lost his license for 18 months and was fined $2,000. A small slap on the wrist for an action that nearly killed the two of us.

This incident changed my life. A few months later I resigned after 8 years in another firm to establish executive search & board advisory firm Foley Durham. With a young familiy, taking a leap of faith and backing myself was required. The ride so far has been extremely rewarding.

On the eve of the 2016 Santos Tour Down Under there are more sponsorship dollars being pumped into cycling than any other sport in Australia.

Cycling analysts say the average annual cost of running a team in the world famous Tour de France is $15 million. It's estimated to be costing Jerry Ryan founder of Jayco about $12 million a year, plus money from Orica Limited. Orica operates in 50 countries and is counting on cashing in on the cycling boom.

Many corporates have aspirations of building their brand and aligning their image with high performance teams that provide global profile in a growing sport. Cycling has such a great ability to cut through. And no doubt Orica GreenEdge will be out to have success on the podium this year in the TDU in Adelaide.

As the 2016 year commences I am recently back on a new bike and keen to stay safe and fit for what will be an exciting year!


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