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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act,
but a habit."

- Aristotle

Foley Durham are specialists in optimising the composition of C-suite executive teams, boards and organisations.

Business is ever-changing and for many, this has meant a changing strategy for attraction. If operation critical positions remain vacant, this can impact and dramatically affect operations.

Our clients rely on Foley Durham to fill these high skill positions. We deliver tailored outcomes that are innovative, objective, industry best practice, personalised and provide immediate solutions. We are proud that our reputation has been founded on many years of building meaningful, long term relationships with clients and candidates. 


At Foley Durham, we take a highly commercial, confidential and pragmatic approach to each mandate. Our philosophy is to develop deep and committed relationships with both candidate and clients.  

Realising the true value of your talent acquisition.

If a hiring strategy is not correct and critical roles
are not filled, an organisation's reputation
can be put on the line.

We're a people-oriented business and we know the importance of having the right chemistry, rapport and trust to build long-term business relationships.

Foley Durham provides our candidate's discretion and confidentiality and we are committed to diversity in gender balance, commercial experience, technical skills and academic qualifications.

"We're passionate about delivering the best leadership solutions to our clients."
Jason Foley, Managing Director


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