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AFR Advertising

Australian Financial Review - Print and Digital

Friday PVP Placement + 650 clicks from Fairfax legacy sites, including Age, AFR, SMH and Boss, along with Channel 9 online placement

Financial Review                             Readers 

Press only                                      1,019,000

Digital only                                    1,632,000

Press and Digital combined        2,651,000

Targeted digital marketing across various sites.
We use the Decision Tree Learning Algorithm (DTLA). it gives a ranking on each ad served, using the variables of the user, placement, creative size, exchange, time, location etc. Depending on whether the campaign KPI is met i.e. Click/engagement, the variables are recalibrated. Higher performing variables increase in their score and our system optimises towards them and with each ad served, this recalibration occurs

By way of example, below are advertisements that we have previously placed in the AFR with and without company names being disclosed;