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Foley Durham's 
Core Sectors of Specialisation


"Australia has cracked the list of top 10 countries for talent competitiveness, beating Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada. 

Australia has been identified as a "talent champion" by the latest Global Talent Competitive Index, making it an attractive destination for the world's best and brightest". AFR Feb 6 ,2020


The need for highly specialised recruitment and attraction campaigns has never been greater.

 At Foley Durham, every recruitment and attraction project is bespoke. Our senior recruitment team takes the time to understand the nuances of your business: differing markets, customers, operations, strategies and business models as well as incorporating your company's vision and values to help drive our criteria for senior talent acquisition to ensure that identified candidates match your company's needs.

Foley Durham has superior strategic insights into the talent acquisition challenges facing specific market segments - enabling us to identify senior talent leaders that will fit each of our client’s unique strategic goals. 

We are in the business of advising, assessing, aligning and attracting talented leaders and have deep knowledge and experience in the following sectors:

Board Appointments
Private Equity & ASX
Our Clients
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