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Financial Services

At the heart of our DNA is attracting senior talent within the Finance Service sector. We are experts at attracting leaders who understand the kinds of transformations that are possible and can manage change effectively.

With employment in the financial sector becoming more fluid, analysts are predicting tenure within any single firm will continue to decline, so it is vitally important that any attraction campaign identifies quality executives bringing their intellect, strong people skills, vision and drive to Australia's top corporate echelons.


Recent roles Foley Durham have filled in the Financial Services sector include:

  • Chief Executive Officer

  • Chief Technology Officer

  • Project Director, 
    Infrastructure Refresh


  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Head of Digital Products & Innovation 

  • Chief Digital Officer

  • Chief Marketing Officer

  • Chief Information Officer

  • GM Growth & Customer Experience 


Foley Durham are specialists in optimising the composition of C-suite executive teams, boards and organisations.

Foley Durham has superior strategic insights into the talent acquisition challenges facing specific market segments - enabling us to identify senior talent leaders that will fit each of our client’s unique strategic goals. 


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