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IT & T

“Data and technology people;

that is where we see a competitive advantage in the future.” 

In this ever-changing developing world, Foley Durham helps our clients to identify the skills and experience needed to stay competitive. Foley Durham has deep insights into the talent acquisition challenges facing the IT&T sector. 

We can assist you in designing a compelling value proposition to attract and retain senior executives with the leadership qualities and resilience you seek. 


Recent roles Foley Durham have filled in the Information Technology and Technology sector include:


Chief Executive Officer

General Operating Officer

GM Managed Infrastructure


Head of Product

Senior Account
Manager, ACT


Non-Executive Chairman

Managing  Director

Customer Experience 

Business Development Director

Global Sales Director

Interim Senior Legal 


Solution Architect

Non-Executive Director

Chief Financial Officer

General Manager
Business Services


Head of Legal -


Senior Account Manager

Enterprise Architect

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