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Meet the Team

Our Strategy

We tailor our talent sourcing strategy by leveraging a combination of our unique in-house research capability, extensive partner networks, current IP and public profile. Our search model delivers the following key benefits:

  • Partner led assignments;

  • Extensive firm-wide networks to identify and profile suitable talent;

  • Multi-channel talent sourcing to access the best talent whether or not they are actively seeking a position today;

  • Agreed companies are researched to identify and profile the relevant executives in those companies;

  • Rigorous screening and assessments to ensure you only see genuine contenders for the position;

  • A transparent process with regular progress updates.


For a successful appointment, we recommended a strategy to our clients including a combination of:

Traditional Head Hunting

  • Executive Search – Foley Durham has an extensive network of C-suite connections across industries;


Print Marketing
•    Advertised in the Australian Financial Review (print) and/or;
•    The Saturday Age (EGN) (print) with/without client name disclosed.


Digital advertising

across various sites with with/without client name disclosed

  • LinkedIn Advertised Search with/without client name disclosed;

  • Advertised on the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) Directorship Opportunities page;

    • With Australia's largest network of directors, we will have access to a diverse range of highly qualified and experienced members for your board position. Having over 10,000 quality members registered in the database, each with their own unique wealth of experience across varying businesses including small and medium-sized enterprises, private companies, listed entities, government departments and not-for-profits.

  • Targeted digital marketing across various sites with without Data Action’s disclosed.

    • We use the Decision Tree Learning Algorithm (DTLA). it gives a ranking on each ad served, using the variables of the user, placement, creative size, exchange, time, location etc. Depending on whether the campaign KPI is met i.e. Click/engagement, the variables are recalibrated. Higher performing variables increase in their score and our system optimises towards them and with each ad served, this recalibration occurs.



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