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Learnings from a fully-lived Leadership Experience

John Wallis MAICD co-hosted a dinner workshop with keynote presenter Cameron Schwab, Founder of designCEO and previously CEO of Melbourne, Richmond & Fremantle AFL clubs, where Cameron shared his personal and professional insights into what it takes to be a successful CEO/Leader in today's business world.


“What leaders and emerging leaders can really learn from

high-performance team sport.”

Our thinking builds on the core philosophy that people, teams and organisations do not rise to the level of their goals, they fall to the standard of their systems.



The designCEO offering is for leaders and their teams, built by leaders for leaders.

Our offerings are the product of the lived leadership experience, understanding the deep sense of responsibility that comes with leadership, but also the pressure, complexity and sense of overwhelm that so often diminishes confidence, reduces courage and stifles creativity.

We offer a deep and personal learning experience, ensuring that leaders have the means to lead with authenticity, the key to establishing high levels of personal trust.

I sincerely believe our offering is a game changer for leaders. They are an immersive, and intense experience that are immediately applicable.


If you are a Chair/NED/CEO and have an interest in joining Foley Durham's regular intimate dinner workshops, please contact John on +61 438 158 133

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