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The role of the Board and Organisational Culture and the rise of Artificial Intelligence

Last week Foley Durham partner, Richard Elstone co-hosted a select group of business leaders in a boardroom lunch discussion with Blackhall & Pearl Group MD, Tim Boyle. Tim spoke to Board and Organisational Culture and the rise of Artificial Intelligence.

As a director you have a role in setting the top from the top, but how do you assess the mood in the middle? Culture can be a competitive advantage, but how as a director do you know that the values and objectives of the firm are not just espoused but enacted and real. Behavioural science and artificial intelligence are converging to provide greater insight into how organisations actually work and not how you are being told they work.


"To Influence behaviour, don't just ask people what they think.

Observe what they do"


Tim Boyle GradDipRiskMgt, MBA, DBA, MAICD, AFAIM, F Fin Group Managing Partner

Tim is the co-founder of Blackhall & Pearl. He commenced his senior career as an Executive Director with University of Melbourne before joining Bankers Trust New York as Global Chief of Staff for Risk Management. Tim then moved to Fidelity as the Global Chief Risk Officer, before taking on the role of Executive Director for Fidelity Continental Europe. He has also completed a Doctorate on Board Performance.


If you are a NED and would like the opportunity in joining these discussions, please make contact with Foley Durham partner, Richard Elstone on +61 419 417 246 or

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