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*Diversity Matters - Leaders in Conversation* with Michelle Redfern

Michelle Redfern is a woman who like to #GetS*tDone for equality and inclusion.

She is also an AFR 💯 Women of Influence, a Melbourne B3000 Female Entrepreneur of the Year, workplace gender equality consultant, advisor, researcher into #WomenInSport, Womens Leadership expert and Non-Executive Director. She loves what she does and is committed to helping businesses around the world create better workplaces for people of all genders, from all walks of life. Michelle takes action and influence in 3 ways.

  • Advise: She advises Board and CEO's about how to take action to attract, engage and develop commercially viable, sustainable relationships with women. Whether they are athletes, employees, volunteers, corporate partners, suppliers, clients, members or supporters.

  • Facilitate: Michelle is an action oriented warrior for women’s advancement. She advises, facilitate & mentor women how to navigate a system that is not yet fixed.

  • Speak: She is not just a talking head. She takes action by designing and delivering really smashing events that engage the audience. She’d provided this service for AFL clubs, ASX listed & privately held companies, Universities & of course my own Professional Women’s Network that has more than 3600 female members and now, a co-host of A Career that Soars! an online community for ambitious women who want their best career and best life.


  • Michelle is a co-founder of social enterprise, CDW (Culturally Diverse Women & Workforce).

  • Michelle is a founder of Womens network “Women Who Get It”.

  • Michelle is a independent member of the Steering Committee for Wayfinder - Women in Supply Chain & Logistics initiative


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