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The Video Call Is Starting. Time to Put on Your Zoom Shirt.

Something a little lighter, but very topical, from The New York Times

What's your concession to Zoom meeting attire? Do you put shoes on anymore? Perhaps you have a Zoom shirt sitting on the back of your chair?


By Joel Stein

Published June 29, 2020

Updated June 30, 2020

When homebound workers need to spiff up moments before a meeting, they reach for the breakout garment of quarantine season.

It’s time to log in to his first Zoom meeting of his workday, so Joe Farrell puts on a short-sleeve button-down from Brooks Brothers, in black, red and white plaid. He has worn it for video calls on 70 consecutive days. This was not his plan. “My ego thought someone would notice,” said Mr. Farrell, the executive vice president of the comedy empire Funny or Die.

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