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Executive Interview Coaching
Executive Interview Coaching

Executive Interview Coaching is a Melbourne-based practice offering tailored advice to executives in job or career transition.  We offer a range of services designed to give you the edge in your executive job search.  Need to improve your resume?  Looking to enhance your interview skills?  We can assist you with all of these, plus a whole lot more.

Industry expert Richard Elstone leads the team at Executive Interview Coaching.

He has more than 20 years’ experience acting as a trusted advisor to Boards, CEO’s and their executive teams in their search for hiring the very best talent across ASX listed, Private Equity backed and Private companies across Australia.

The Executive Interview Coaching Program is a series of confidential, tailored one-on-one sessions designed for NEDs, ‘C’ suite and Senior Executives.

The aim is to provide you with the coaching needed to showcase your skills and maximise your chances of securing your next appointment.

We are Experienced Professionals

We’ve reviewed hundreds of thousands of resumes.  Conducted innumerable interviews.  And successfully appointed countless executives.  We know the drill and understand what those on the other side of the table are looking for.

Our programs are designed to ensure you secure a career opportunity which reflects your skills and experience.  Sessions are confidential and conducted on a one-on-one basis, usually over the course of an hour.

As part of our service, we offer ongoing support to clients.  You’ll be able to pick our brains for up to 90 minutes on an ‘as needed’ basis.
We encourage you to hit us with questions about everything, from negotiating your salary to briefing referees.


We help executives reach their full potential.  Whether you’re looking for a new role in a new company, transitioning within your existing company, have accepted a redundancy package or have been ‘let go’, we will help you prepare for that next opportunity.

HR Consultancy
HR Consultancy

Each of our product and service offers is designed to build the value of your intangible assets, lift valuations in readiness for ownership changes, and drive sustainable returns.

How it Works
All assignments begin with a brief from you. Our services are available in different bundles, related to the complexity of the brief and approach (see table). Investment in “discovery” is deducted from the balance of your service fee if you progress with a 60 day+ service.

Each of our services are applied to your business in a highly contextualised way that takes into account your market, stakeholder and organisational context. Following discovery, we may recommend a combination of the services below or a completely new approach.

We spend a few days in your business gathering intel, speaking with leaders and people, observing and asking questions to uncover the critical risks and value opportunities, given your brief to us.

We provide you with a view beyond the balance sheet of your business risks at the intersection of strategy, business model, culture, capability, talent and other sources of intangible value.

When we talk about “systems” we don’t mean the type that are built out of technology and code. We’re talking about the interrelated, complex interaction between people, processes, technology, incentives, structures, contracts, culture and ecosystems.

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