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Data Action appoints Chief Executive Officer.

We are delighted to once again partner an excited Board in the search for their new Chief Executive Officer.

Just this week, Data Action announced the appointed of Nicola Burgess in this role. Foley Durham continues to be an active partner in the finance and technology sectors in the appointments of C-suite level executives.

We congratulate Nicola on her appointment and look forward to a long and positive relationship with Data Action.


Data Action had this to say of the recent appointment:

“We are delighted to announce that Nicola Burgess has been appointed as CEO of Data Action. With her background in innovation and service delivery in the UK and Australia, Nicola is perfectly placed to lead our exciting next chapter of development and growth. Welcome to the DA team Nicola!”

Data Action (DA) was established in 1986 by five credit unions, with a vision of becoming the preferred technology partner of the customer owned financial services industry. With a mutual mindset, DA seeks to create value for clients, rather than being driven by profit. Our processes and product development approach are designed to support the competitiveness of the sector which makes us unique in the industry.

Our leading software and services provide Digital Banking and Core Banking solutions based on the latest technologies and industry requirements, that are optimised to align with client needs.

What sets us apart is our in-depth knowledge of the Australian financial services industry arising from our 30 years history in providing to the banking sector. Our clients enjoy having a single point of contact for all their technical support needs and benefit from aggregated pricing on developments to keep abreast with the ever-changing needs of banking technology. In the provision of our managed services, security and privacy of data remain paramount.

Having carried out over 80 transitions with a 100% success rate, our proven platform supports our clients' growth strategies. Additionally, being unique in the market as the only company in Australia offering hosted services in combination with our software solutions, we're able to deliver strategic, operational and cost efficiencies that could not be gained from sourcing the functions from two separate providers. Consequently, we gain a much deeper understanding of our clients resulting in our ability to provide the highest level of client engagement and collaboration. After all, clients are our main priority; without them, we have no purpose.

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